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December 2, 2015
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January 17, 2018

What is a Bottle Presentation

The Bottle Presentation is a style practiced where the much more expensive your bottle of champagne costs, the more are your chances of getting services aka, hot girls. There are different type of services officered, like at some bottle presentations in Vegas, young waitresses walk up to you and celebrate with your group dressed up in a customized way.

Bottle presentations, sometimes, also consists of the DJ specifically giving you gratitude and solely playing music for you and announcing your identity publicly. It also consists of special messages solely for you, that are displayed on the screens for you to celebrate. This way is surely one of the best ways to buy a place in ones heart and in return some cash too. It is made sure that everyone around the club knows about the person who makes this expensive move. A special announcement is made via a VIP host and usually allotted a special VIP table to the consumer.

Bottle presentations are now being restricted to only elites and VIPs where the party is treated with exclusive services. Bottle presentations usually come with a minimum price, that if fulfilled, are subjected to the exclusive treatments in Las Vegas. But here’s the thing, these bare minimum prices are not subjected to taxes and tips. Taxes and tips are charged separate in bottle presentations. It’s obvious that every entertainment must have a price and thus so does bottle presentations.

There must be questions raised, like if a bar should offer bottle presentation in the first place or not? Well if a group of people altogether want to pitch in idea, it would save you the idea of the amount that people owe at the end of the night. Other than this there is no such harm of having a bottle presentation in your bar, though you need to hire extra staff for this activity and then charge extra accordingly.

Nevertheless, bottle presentations in Vegas are indeed really exciting and fun to be a part of. Several groups show up at the bar for different parties, like bachelorette parties, be it locals or foreigners, In either case, having an option of bottle presentation in a bar does more good than harming.

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